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2023 Drunk Driving Traffic Accidents in Texas: Seeking Solutions

2023 Drunk Driving Traffic Accidents in Texas Seeking Solutions

In 2023, Texas continued to grapple with the significant issue of alcohol-related traffic accidents, which led to a high number of injuries and fatalities. The state ranked third worst in the nation for drunk driving, with a sobering 42.37% of all traffic deaths caused by drunk drivers.  The state also recorded a total of 1,138 […]

What Happens at an Alcohol Detox Center?

Hands of two people who are learning what happens at an alcohol detox center

In the journey towards sobriety, understanding what happens at an alcohol detox center is crucial. It’s the first step to recovery for many individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. The Lone State State has several reputable alcohol detox centers that help residents overcome alcohol addiction and reclaim their lives. At Virtue Recovery Killeen in Texas, we […]

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Person thinking to themselves, "What is alcohol use disorder?"

Humans have fermented plant matter for millennia. Originally used to preserve foods, fermentation was soon discovered to have other effects. Today, alcohol is widely used in every culture and continent in celebrations and everyday meals. But alcohol is also the most commonly abused addictive substance in the world. What is alcohol abuse? How do you […]

What Are Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse?

Person sitting and feeling the long-term effects of alcohol abuse

Are you in control of your drinking, or does it control you? Most U.S. households contain alcohol in some form, and drinking a toast is a time-honored way to celebrate an achievement, like graduation or retirement. How do people navigate the world of alcohol, and how can you tell if you have a drinking problem? […]