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What Are 5 Facts About Fentanyl?

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There is a lot of talk about fentanyl these days. That’s because it is increasingly available and causing much damage to those who abuse it, intentionally or by accident. Initially intended for medical use, this highly addictive synthetic opioid soon ended up on the streets. The opioid epidemic continues to ruin lives thanks, in part, to this drug. If you are abusing fentanyl or know someone who is, seek help by enrolling in a fentanyl abuse treatment program.

Virtue Recovery Killeen offers state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatments for fentanyl addiction. If you want to learn more about fentanyl addiction facts, the effects of fentanyl abuse, and how to leave this dangerous drug behind you, reach out to Virtue Recovery today by calling [Direct] or using this online form.

Facts About Fentanyl

Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous contributors to the opioid epidemic. Below are five facts about fentanyl that everyone should know:

  1. It is between 50 and 100 times more potent than the opiate morphine – Two milligrams (an amount that would fit into a square the size of the letter “a”) is considered lethal. Still, some illicitly produced capsules contain as much as five milligrams.
  2. Almost half of the fake medications tested by authorities, meaning pills not produced in pharmaceutical labs, contain deadly doses of fentanyl – Drugs sold on the street have no list of ingredients, so caution is advised.
  3. Drug traffickers use fentanyl to increase the potency of other drugs – Lacing other substances with fentanyl will intensify the high, encourage return business, and make the drug more addictive. Unfortunately, a user may not know that what they experienced was fentanyl.
  4. Naloxone, or the trade name Narcan, reverses fentanyl overdoses as well as the effects of other opioids – Available in pharmacies without prescriptions and often covered by insurance, Narcan is something to keep on hand for anyone who uses fentanyl or knows someone who might be at risk of exposure.
  5. More than half of young people ages 13 to 24 are unaware that fentanyl is in so many counterfeit pharmaceuticals or street drugs – This makes fentanyl even deadlier. Knowledge is power, and, like fentanyl, ignorance can kill.

Do not hesitate to seek addiction treatment and support if you have been dosed with fentanyl and become addicted to this powerful drug.

Fentanyl Addiction Facts

How do you know if you are addicted to fentanyl? Especially if you have been unwittingly dosed with fentanyl in another drug you use, like meth, cocaine, or even cannabis, it can be challenging to know what you’re addicted to. If you know or suspect you are being exposed to fentanyl or are actively seeking this drug on the street to get high, you are at risk of overdose. Consider the following symptoms of fentanyl addiction:

  • Impaired memory
  • Inability to focus
  • Social isolation
  • Poor work or school performance, absenteeism, probation
  • Suppressed libido
  • Apathy about things that once were important
  • Compromised judgment
  • Poor decision-making
  • Stealing drugs or the money to acquire them
  • Anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation

Even people who use prescription fentanyl for extreme pain conditions can become dependent on it, which leads swiftly to addiction. Do not assume that because your fentanyl was prescribed for you by a doctor, you are okay.

Find Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in Texas at Virtue Recovery Killeen

The evidence-based therapies you will receive at Virtue Recovery Killeen’s day treatment program can make the difference between a life of drug dependence and ill health and a life of recovery and well-being.

Fentanyl is a deadly drug that may be hiding where you least expect it. Contact Virtue Recovery Killeen to learn about fentanyl facts and how we can help you leave fentanyl and other opioids behind, begin recovery, and repair your life. Call us at [Direct] or reach out via this online form.

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